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Undergraduate Program in History

Because the past is as expansive as the world itself, no field is more diverse than history. From society and culture, to politics and religion, it encompasses every dimension of human interaction.

Choose your preferred emphasis

Students may complete a major in history at UC Davis using either of two approaches: Plan I or Plan II.

Plan I:  Plan 1 enables students to receive a broad education in the histories of several geographic areas.

Plan II:  Plan II encourages interested students, including those preparing for graduate work in history, to enroll in a seminar, to undertake independent work, and to study the history of historical thought as part of the major. Plan II also is recommended for students who prefer to become involved in research and original writing.




Students of history study individuals, groups, communities and nations from every imaginable perspective, and apply various analytical techniques to raise questions and think critically about the past. The study of history helps put our own modern world into perspective.

History study the past

The undergraduate program at UC Davis has 33 faculty members offering courses in five broad fields of concentration: Africa, Asia/Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Within these fields students have the opportunity to focus on more specific topics and tailor their studies to meet their particular interest.

Are you interested in pursuing a major in history? Explore our major program requirements.  History Advising Form