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The History Project and Professor Omnia El-Shakry win NEH Award

The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded historian Omnia El Shakry and The History Projectteam a grant to support a 3-week NEH Summer Institute for teachers called “Roots of the Arab Spring: Understanding the Historical Context for the Arab Uprisings.” It will be held here on campus from July 15 through August 2, 2013. Prof El Shakry will direct the project; History Project leaders will connect the content to the classroom and offer instructional strategies designed to support participants in developing curricular materials. UC Davis scholars Suad Joseph, Keith Watenpaugh, Susan Gilson Miller, Noha Radwan, and Flagg Miller will also contribute. Teachers from across the U.S. may apply by March 4, 2013; 30 will be selected by competitive application.