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Serpa Wins Moody Research Grant to Conduct Dissertation Research

Thanks to the generous support of the LBJ Foundation and the Moody Foundation of Galveston, Ph.D. candidate Ashley Serpa has been awarded a Moody Research Grant to conduct archival research at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. 

Ashley's dissertation, Shadow Diplomacy: The United States, Portugal and the Cold War, 1961-1974, examines diplomacy in the metaphorical shadows of presidents and policymakers. Shadow Diplomacy moves beyond the State Department, illuminating the stories of other state and non-state individuals and groups. It demonstrates that actors often minimized or misunderstood by policymakers and scholars not only demanded their place in the diplomatic process, they forced Portugal and Lusophone Africa on the agenda. Moreover, her dissertation reveals the centrality of Portugal's empire to the most crucial of Cold War battles: anti-communism, authoritarianism, civil rights, decolonization and the diplomatic role of Congress and intelligence agencies. 

Scholars are invited to apply for Moody Research Grants twice a year, on the 15th of March and September.