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2012 Winners of the Emile G. Scholz 203 Seminar Prize

This year, the Emile G. Scholz Prize for best paper of the HIS 203 Research Seminar goes to two graduate students. Congratulations to both.

Jacob Lee, "A New World?: Kinship, Rivers, and Power in the Illinois Country, 1763-1778."

Rajbir Judge, "Black Skin, White Breasts: Colonial Subjectivity, Miscegenation, and the Theosophical Society."

The prize is named in the memory of Emile George Scholz, who was born in 1893 in Bakersfield and died in Modesto, California in 1977. In his early twenties, he served with the quartermaster corps in Brest, France with the US 659th Aero Squadron during World War I.  He passed his lifelong love of history to his grandsons, one of whom established in his honor the award in history at the University of California, Davis. It is the family's hope that future “Scholz Prize” winners will remain devoted to the study and appreciation of historical events and will convey to future generations their understanding of, and passion for, these events for the benefit of humankind.