First-Year Students

Congratulations on your admission to UC Davis, and Welcome to the History Major this Fall 2023!

To help you prepare for a great first year, we have planned a comprehensive UC Davis Orientation experience in three parts: Aggie 101, Aggie Advising, and Aggie Orientation!


  1. Step 1: Complete Aggie 101 (Required)
    All incoming freshmen and transfer students must complete Aggie 101. This online program will provide essential information and introduce you to the key resources you’ll need to be successful at UC Davis.
    Available: May 3

  2. Step 2: Aggie Advising Assignments in Canvas (Required)
    Learn how to select courses, build and balance your schedule, and start satisfying the requirements you’ll need to graduate. You’ll find resources and tips to help you navigate the university, explore your interests, and ensure your first quarter is a success. More information, including log-in directions, will be provided to you soon.
    Available: May 10

  3. Step 3: Register for Courses (Required)
    After you’ve planned out your first quarter, you should have everything you need to register for classes. All students will register for courses using Schedule Builder during their assigned pass time. 
    Available: August 7

  4. Step 4: Attend Aggie Orientation (Required)
    Get excited about being an Aggie! Sign up for Aggie Orientation. This five-day program is your opportunity to start building community networks of support, find resources, and begin your life on campus.
    Available: September 22-24


  • Review your First Year Guide.
  • Take a look at your Sample 4-Year Guide.
  • Find 2-3 non-major courses that you would be interested in taking in Fall Quarter alongside your History coursework.
  • It is not recommend to taking more than 2 History courses per quarter. 
  • Click on this diagram to help you identify courses of interest outside of your major.
  • History courses do not have prerequisites. However, for non-major courses, remember to check prerequisites to make sure you’re eligible for the course you are interested in.
  • Review the resources for new students from the College of Letters and Science. Our Advising Center will assist you with your major requirements and the College will assist you with your general education and college/university requirements. Throughout your career at UC Davis, you will work with both of these offices for academic advising.  We always encourage you to check in with the College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Education and Advising Office regarding requirements outside of the major:


After you’ve completed your Aggie Advising Assignments in Canvas and reviewed the resources here, you should have everything you need to register for classes. All students will register for courses using Schedule Builder during their assigned pass time. Before you register, you can begin searching and saving courses to start building your schedule. Add classes and use the “Calendar View” to see your daily/weekly/monthly schedule at a glance. Save multiple schedules and compare to find the best fit. Be sure to read the “Important Details” to view course notes, descriptions, prerequisites, and much more. 


We’ve included some resources to help you transition during your first quarter at UC Davis. 

Academic Planning

Best Practices & Tips

How To Get Involved With Our Department