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Kyu Hyun Kim

Kyu Hyun Kim

Associate Professor

Davis , Ca 95616


Born in Seoul, Korea. Received Ph.D. 1997, History and East Asian Languages Program, Harvard University. Postdoctoral Fellow, Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University (1996-1997). The Japan Society for Promotion of Science Fellowship, (Short-Term) nominated and sponsored in the United States by the Japan Advisory Board, Social Science Research Council (2000).

Research Interests

Early Modern and Modern Japanese history; colonial modernity in East Asia. Modern Korean history, Japanese popular culture, Japanese and Korean cinema

Selected Publications

(Currently working on) Treasonous Patriots: 'Collaboration' and the Colonial Modernity in Modern Korean History and Culture 

(Published Feb 2008) The Age of Visions and Arguments: Parliamentarianism and the National Public Sphere in Early Meiji Japan. Asia Center Publication Series, Harvard University Press. 

'Horror as Criticism in Tell Me Something and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.' In Julian Stringer, Chi-Yun Shin, eds. New Korean Cinema. University of Edinburgh Press, distributed in the United States of America by New York University Press. 

"Reflections on the Problems of Colonial Modernity and 'Collaboration' in Modern Korean History." Journal of International and Area Studies. Institute of International Affairs, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University. Volume 11, No. 3. Special Issue: Modernity in Korea. pp. 95-111. 

"Local Autonomy in Early Meiji Japan: Competing Conceptions." Public Sphere, Private Lives. Festischrift Honoring the Retirement of Professor Albert M. Craig. Edited by Andrew Gordon, Gail Lee Bernstein and Kate Nakai. East Asian Council, Harvard University Press. 

"Girl (and Boy) Troubles in the Animeland: Exploring Representations of Gender in Japanese Animation Films." Education About Asia. Association for Asian Studies. Summer 2002.

Course History

History 195A: "Traditional Korea." (in development), Freshman Seminar FS027: "Korean Cinema in the Global Context" (Developed for Teaching Resource Center), History 195B: "Modern Korea," History 194A: "Ancient and Medieval Japan," History 194B: "Early Modern Japan," History 194C: "Modern Japan," History 9B: "Introduction to Japanese Civilization," History 102N: "Japan: Undergraduate Seminar-- Japanese Colonial Empire."