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Diana K. Davis DVM, PhD


  • Ph.D., Geography, UC Berkeley.
  • DVM, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine


Diana Davis is a geographer and veterinarian who specializes in environmental history and political ecology with a special emphasis on the arid lands of the globe.  

Research Focus

Environmental History; Political Ecology; Pastoral Societies and Arid Lands; Colonialism; Middle East and North Africa; Environmental Change and Public Health;  Ethnoveterinary Medicine.

Selected Publications

  • Davis, D. K. (2016) The Arid Lands: History, Power, Knowledge, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
  • Davis, D. K. (2015) "Historical approaches to political ecology," Ch. 20, pp. 263-275 in the Handbook of Political Ecology, Bridge, Gavin, James McCarthy and Tom Perrault (Eds.)  Routledge. 
  • Davis, D. K. (2012) Les mythes environnementaux de la colonisation française au Maghreb, Éditions Champ Vallon, Seyssel.
  • Davis, D. K. & Burke, E. (Eds.) (2011) Environmental Imaginaries of the Middle East and North Africa, Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio .
  • Davis, D. K. (2007) Resurrecting the Granary of Rome: Environmental History and French Colonia Expansion in North Africa, Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio.



HIS 108: Global Environmental History;  HIS 109: Environmental Change, Disease and Public Health;  HIS 107: Medicine's Histories;  GEO 260: Global Political Ecology;  GEO 200AN: Geographic Concepts: Histories of Geographic Thought.


  • Guggenheim Fellowship, Ryskamp Research Fellowship (ACLS) , NEH Summer Fellowship, Millstone Fellowship.
  • Book Prizes:  Marsh Prize , Meridian Award & Blaut Award, 2008, for Resurrecting the Granary of Rome.