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Charles Walker

Charles Walker

Professor, Director of the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas

MacArthur Foundation Endowed Chair in International Human Rights

One Shields Avenue
Davis , Ca 95616
Office Phone: (530) 754-9453


Research Interests

Latin American social, cultural, and intellectual history; Peru and the Andes; the history of catastrophes and natural disasters (earthquakes); the Tupac Amaru Rebellion; Truth Commissions.

I've just published The Tupac Amaru Rebellion More info and excerpts: Other projects:


In Search of an Inca *With Carlos Aguirre and Willie Hiatt, the translation of Alberto Flores Galindo, Buscando un Inca for Cambridge University Press. (In Search of an Inca publication date, June 2010)


*With Ken Verosub (Geology, UCD) a study of the 1600 Huaynaputina volcano that, we believe, affected the global climate.

Selected Publications

peru book

Diálogos con el Perú: Ensayos de Historia, 2009. 


Shaky Colonialism: The Earthquake-Tsunami of 1746 in Lima, Peru and its Long AftermathDuke University Press, March 2008 

Lisbon and Lima: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Catastrophes

"Introduction" to The Tupac Amaru and Catarista Rebellions An Anthology of Sources (Hackett, 2008), edited by Ward Stavig and Ella Schmidt 

“Teaching Truth Commissions,” Radical History Review, 97 (Winter 2007): 134-142. 

“Viajeros, naturalistas, científicos, y dibujantes. De la ilustración al costumbrismo en los artes, (siglos XVIII y XX)” with Víctor Peralta, in Ramón Mujica ed., Visión y símbolos del virreinato criollo a la república peruana, Lima, 2006, 243-273. 

“Remembering and Forgetting Agustín Gamarra: The Life and Legacy of the Cuzco Caudillo,” in Samuel Brunk, Ben Fallaw eds., Heroes and Hero Cults in Latin America, Austin, 2006. 

*Co-editor (with Ricardo Ramírez, Antonio Garrido, Luis Millones F.,and Víctor Peralta) José Eusebio Llano Zapata,Memorias histórico, físicas, crítico, apologéticas de la América Meridional Lima: IFEA, PUC, San Marcos, 2005

Book One

Entre la retorica y la insurgencia: Las ideas y los movimientos sociales en los Andes, siglo XVIII (Estudios y debates regionales andinos) Centro de Estudios Regionales Andinos "Bartolome de las Casas," (1996)

Course History

Latin American History,  History of Inter-American Relations, History of the Andean Region, Truth Commissions, Disasters & History