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Beverly Bossler


  • BA, Princeton University
  • MA,PhD, University of California, Berkeley


My research focuses on China in the High Imperial period (Tang-Song-Yuan, 618-1368), and especially on the social, intellectual, and gender histories of in this period. Teaching interests include history of women and family in China; gender and sexuality in China; early imperial China; 19th century China; and China in global trade networks in the Song and Yuan.

Selected Publications

Gender & Chinese History: Transformative Encounters (Editor). University of Washington Press, 2015.

Courtesans, Concubines, and the Cult of Female Fidelity in China, 1000-1400. Cambridge and London, Harvard University Asia Center, 2013.

“Gender and Empire: A View from Yuan China.” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 34.1 (Winter, 2004): 197-223. “Faithful wives and heroic maidens: Politics, Virtue, and Gender in Song China” in Deng Xiaonan 鄧;小;南;, ed., Tang Song nüxing yu shehui 唐;宋;女;性;與;社;會; (Tang-Song Women and Society), 751-784. Shanghai: Shanghai ci shu chubanshe, 2003 

"Shifting Identities: Courtesans and Concubines in Song China." Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies. June 2002 

"Funerary writings by Chen Liang (1143-1194)" (translation with introduction) and "'Final Instructions' by Yang Jisheng (1516-1555)" (translation with introduction) in Mann & Cheng. eds., Under Confucian Eyes: Texts on Gender in Chinese History. Berkeley: University of California Press 

"'A Daughter is a Daughter All Her Life': Affinal Relations and Women's Networks in Song and Late Imperial China." Late Imperial China 21:1 (June, 2000). 

Powerful Relations: Kinship Status and the State in Song China (960-1279) Harvard: Council on East Asian Studies, 1998