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Not a Strange Country: North Korea Seen Through the History of East Asian Civilizations

A talk by Associate Professor Kyu Hyun Kim for the History Colloquium.

Feb 28, 2018
from 12:10 PM to 01:30 PM

2203 SSH (Andrews Conference Room)

In this Teaching Forum special, Prof. Kim shifts attention away from current-affairs concern and re-imagines North Korea in the context of the regional (geopolitical), cultural and environmental histories of East Asia, going beyond its most recent incarnation as a bizarre remnant of the supposedly defunct Cold War world order. He focuses on three historical moments: the sinking of the American armed merchant ship General Sherman at Pyongyang, today's capital of North Korea, in 1866, the significance of the North Korean city Kaesong in the East Asian trade of such goods as ginseng, and Resident-General Ito Hirobumi's effort to marshal the support of Korean elite for the new Korean Emperor Sunjong (1907-1910).

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