Sydney Heifler: Co-editor and Writer

"The opportunities for research and writing in the UC Davis undergraduate history program has been instrumental in my success."

Sydney Heifler

Name: Sydney Heifler

Current Position: Co-editor and Writer

Major: History & Women's Studies

Graduation: 2016

Sydney Heifler is a comic book and media historian, who specializes in romance comic books and magazines created during the Cold War in both United States and the United Kingdom. She just graduated with her Master’s in Women’s Studies from the University of Oxford and is working on two book projects.

What do you do as a co-editor?

As co-editor for the book, I have been in charge of selecting abstracts for publication and reviewing and editing their subsequent chapters.

How did your UC Davis education prepare you for this work? 

The opportunities for research and writing in the UC Davis undergraduate history program has been instrumental in my success. Both my various seminar papers and my honors thesis not only provided excellent opportunities to explore my curiosity, but they also helped me learn how to pose research questions and then go about answering them. My thesis has been a steppingstone into the world of comic book scholarship and the greater comic book community and I now regularly present my research at comic cons. Such undergraduate work also gave me the ability to carry out and finish research projects by a given deadline, which is very important in academia.

Moreover, since the professors at UC Davis took my curiosity seriously, I was able to develop work that I can continue to build upon throughout my academic career. The chapter I am currently writing (for a book of comic book scholarship) builds directly off of work I did for my honors thesis with Dr. Kathryn Olmsted and my 102x seminar on youth in culture with Dr. Corrie Decker. The paper I did for Dr. Cecilia Tsu's 102m seminar on American in the 1980s informs the chapter that I am writing for the book I am co-editing on women in the media. 

Are there any classes or activities from Davis you found particularly helpful?

Along with the previously mentioned seminars, I found the UWP 102C course for writing in history extremely helpful in preparing me for the historical discipline. I arrived at Oxford with the confidence to do graduate-level work. 

Do you have any advice for current students?

Take advantage of everything UC Davis has to offer, especially regarding research and writing opportunities. I would recommend not testing out of the upper division UWP class as it provides excellent opportunities to learn about writing in your specific discipline, which many students do not learn until graduate school.