Peer Advisors

Here at the History, Economics, and East Asian Advising Center, we have several wonderful and talented peer advisors that can share first hand experiences as a UC Davis student. Explore why they chose their majors, read about their professional goals, and much more!


Read what our peer advisors have to say about UC Davis

Saranjit Uppal

As a Peer Advisor, I want to support and encourage students to achieve their academic goals through creating a welcoming, friendly, and empathetic environment for students to feel respected. I strongly believe in honoring our student and staff’s wide diversity and backgrounds, and strive to develop a non-judgmental approach to advising.

Consistent accuracy and active listening is essential for advising appointments, and everyone who leaves our department deserves to feel fully supported, confident in their academic and personal goals, and especially welcomed to come back to the department again.


Abby Principe 

"Academic advising is the only structured service on the campus in which all students have the opportunity for on-going, one-to-one contact with a concerned representative of the institution."

Habley, W.R. (1994). Key Concepts in Academic Advising. In Summer Institute on Academic Advising Session Guide (p.10). Available from the National Academic Advising Association

            I believe that students are limitless when it comes to their ability to succeed. As a peer adviser, it is my goal to lift others as we climb towards success. This is achieved by listening intently to my peers, providing the best information available, as well as an environment that makes students feel welcome, supported, and encouraged to pursue their education boldly. I desire to be an advocate for all students regardless of their race, age, creed, religion, gender, citizenship status, and anything else that may have been structurally designed to separate us from each other. Holding to the UC Davis Principles of Community, I believe that each individual that comes through UC Davis brings a unique story, passion, and motivation to pursue higher education and I desire to uphold these principles by creating an uplifting space for students. As a transfer student myself, I encountered many hardships both personal and financial that I overcame in order to be where I am. I want to be an advocate for students who have gone through the same struggle and still manage to push through various barriers to be here as well. I chose to be a peer adviser because I want to be the person that I wish I had when I was first learning to navigate through my college career. I want to be the person that is informative and concise, but not shy to encourage and uplift students, especially through the inevitable rough patches that may arise in the undergraduate experience. As a peer adviser, I want to be an advocate, a listener, a friend, and an ally that represents the student as they continue to be the best that they can be during their time here in the University of California Davis.


Danielle Schwartz

My advising philosophy is focused on being an ally to all students. I want to support and help my peers exceed by providing them with the personal knowledge that I have and by pointing them to other helpful resources on campus. My goal is to make students feel heard and address any concerns they may have to the best of my ability. I aim to assist students in their journey here at UC Davis by being a guiding force, academically and beyond. UC Davis is more than just an academic institution, it is a community, and I want students to feel that sense of community when they come to see me in advising.

Aiden Lafreniere






Oviya Sangary

My mission as a peer advisor is create a welcoming atmosphere, open to candid conversation, so that my peers can feel free to discuss any concerns, academic or not, and make informed decisions. I hope to use my own experiences to guide my advising sessions, all while helping students find their own voice and realize their own goals and provide them with the necessary resources to achieve them.