Mandatory Advising

Interacting with an academic advisor early in your university career can enhance your college success. Our objective is to help you achieve your personal and academic goals, and mandatory advising is one of the ways the College wants to help ensure that you get a strong start at UC Davis.

2nd Year Students

Second-year students are required to meet with an advisor once during their year. Students will be assigned a hold quarter.Once you see this hold on your account via Schedule Builder and OASIS, you will need to watch a short video, then meet with a major advisor and finally complete a post advising survey. After the survey is completed, your hold will be released within 2-4 weeks. You can schedule an appointment with a staff advisor today! Be sure to select "Economics, History and East Asian Studies." 

1st Year Junior Transfer Students 

First-year Junior Transfer students meet with an advisor in their first quarter at UC Davis. Please complete the First Year Questionnaire (available on under the tab forms and petitions) in before your advising appointment. Economics, History and East Asian Studies students can make an appointment online here

4th Year Students 

Fourth-year students are required to participate in two engagements to prepare for transitioning out of college. Students are encouraged to choose the options that are most relevant to their post graduation plans. Please note, you do not need to make an appointment with your major advisor to clear your hold. Drop in advising does not count as one of your engagements. Once you have completed two engagements, you will need to fill out this survey in order for us to release the hold. 

List of Engagement Options

Helpful Resources:

Academic Advising Syllabus

UC Davis 101: A Quick Reference Guide 

Questions: Visit The Economics and History Undergraduate Advising Center located in 2216 Social Sciences and Humanities Building. You may also reach us by calling 530-752-9241 or email