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Justin Clement


  • B.A. Physics, SUNY University of Buffalo; minors in Education and Mathematics
  • M.A. Early American History, College of William & Mary


Justin Clement is a Ph.D. Candidate in United States History.  His dissertation is a case study of political and military mobilization during the American Revolution, demonstrating the nature of the conflict as a civil war.  This study highlights shifting loyalties in response to dynamic and contingent circumstances, rather than treating Whigs and Tories as steadfast idealogues, committed in their political sympathies.

Research Focus

Research interests include Borderlands Studies, the Age of Revolutions,  Early American History, and the History of Science.

Selected Publications


 "Neither United States Citizens nor British Nationalists: A Postwar Loyalist Trade Diaspora," M.A. thesis, College of William and Mary (May 2010).

 Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capitol (London: Osprey Publishing, 2007).

 Arthur B. Cohn, et al., Valcour Bay Research Project: 1999-2004 Results from the Archeological Investigation of a Revolutionary War Battlefield in Lake Champlain, Clinton County, New York (Vergennes, Vt.: Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 2007).  [Contributing author and illustrator].

 “The British and German Artillery Gunboats at the Battle of Valcour Island” Society for the Journal of Army Historical Studies 85, Number 343 (Autumn 2007), 247-256 [Authored with Doug Cubbison]. 

Conference Papers:

 Nov. 2011: “GIS Mapping Software as an Analytical Tool in Historical Research: A Detailed Look at Charlotte County, New York,” Conference Paper, "Researching New York (2011), Upheaval & Disaster, Triumph & Tragedy: Aftermath," SUNY University at Albany

 April 2011: “Collective and Private Memory: Cognitive Science Meets Oral History,” Conference Paper, "Collective Memory: The Voices of Remembering and the Silences of Forgetting," San Francisco State University

Feb. 2010: “Memory of the Acadian Expulsion: Cause for an Imperial Change in Policy,” Conference Paper, "1763 and All That: Temptations of Empire in the British World During the Decade After the Seven Years' War," February 25-26, 2010.