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Cindy Alvarenga


  • M.A. - Leadership, Saint Mary's College (Anticipated Graduation date of 2021)
  • B.S. – Chemistry with a minor in Psychology, University of California, Davis 2015
  • A.A. - Interdisciplinary Studies: Math and Science, Folsom Lake College, 2013
  • A.S. - General Science, Folsom Lake College, 2013


Cindy serves as an undergraduate academic advisor supporting majors in Economics, History, and East Asian Studies.


Advising Philosophy 

My advising philosophy as an advisor is to guide students throughout their academic careers and lead them on a path to success by embracing the diversity of their characteristics and learning styles. Not only do I try to encourage and respect their own goals, I want to strengthen their beliefs through the process of holistic advising to help them follow what inspires them.

My experience as a transfer student and a UC Davis Alumni has shaped my perspective when I advise students. I understand the obstacles that students’ face on daily basis including trying to find oneself in the midst of people. To find ones' own voice or even a clear direction for life after college, although difficult, is my mission.