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Materson to present Thornbrough lecture

Lisa Materson, associate professor of History and a specialist in US women's political history, has been invited to present the annual Thornbrough Lecture at Butler University on November 4, 2016. Materson will present a case for the continuing vitality of political history when viewed through the lens of African-American women's electoral activism.

Lisa G. Materson, an associate professor of history at the University of California, Davis, and a specialist in U.S. women’s political history will present this year’s Thornbrough Lecture “A Crisis of Political History? A View of the Field through the Lens of African American Women’s Electoral Activism.”

A recent New York Times op-ed lamenting the decline of U.S political history has sparked discussion over the state of the field. Positioning this debate in the context of African American women’s electoral activism, Lisa Materson instead highlights the field’s vitality and the centrality of such activism between the 1870s and 1930s for understanding key questions about American party politics.