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Latin American History Graduate Students Receive Fellowships & Appointments

The History Department would like to congratulate numerous current and former Ph.D. students in Latin American history for their recent accomplishments.

Tenure Track Positions:

  • Congratulations to Mark Dries (2018 Ph.D.)! He has accepted a tenure-track position in Latin American history at Southeastern Louisiana University, where he starts in the fall. Dr. Dries work focuses on the social history of the Huancavelica Mercury Mines, seen here with the remnants of modern mining equipment, from the 1560s to the 1640s. Drawing on local archives, Dr. Dries argues that the local Andean population was able to manipulate colonial tropes of identity and royal service to mitigate the worst abuses of the Spanish forced labor system that developed around the mine.
  • Congratulations to Juan Carlos Medel Toro! He has accepted a tenure-track position at the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile. Juan Carlos works on revolutionary Cuba and has published in Brazil and elsewhere. 
  • Congratulations to Jessica Fowler! She has accepted a tenure-track position at Western Montana State College. Jessica has been teaching in Madrid for several years. This summer she will begin a tenure-track position at Montana State. She works on religious women of the early modern Atlantic world, with research on Peru, Chile, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, and more.  A horse person, she looks forward to the open spaces of Montana.
  • Congratulations to Griselda Jarquín (2020 Ph.D.)! She has accepted a tenure-track position at Nevada State College. Her research focuses on Nicaragua, the transnational networks of people who supported and opposed the Sandinista government. As a graduate student, she actively promoted diversity and served as a mentor too many students.



  • Congratulations to current graduate student Renzo Aroni (2020 Ph.D). He has received and accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University for 2020-21, renewable for two years. He will be an affiliate at the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race. Renzo will finish his PhD in June, with Designated Emphaseses in Native American Studies and Human Rights.
  • Congratulations to current graduate student Julio Aguilar. Julio has received three  fellowships for his dissertation research and its dissemination: a Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship (SSRC); a four-month residency at the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University; and as part of the 2020 cohort of the Melon Public Scholars, sponsored by the Davis Humanities Institute. He works on the environmental and social history of the famous mines of Potosí. 
  • Congratulations to current graduate student Miguel Novoa. He has received a David L. Boren Fellowship (2020 National Security Education Program) for a year of dissertation research in Peru. His speciality is nineteenth-century Afro-Peruvian history.