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Debbie Arce Awarded Mellon Research Initiative on Racial Capitalism

Congratulations to Debbie Arce, a second-year PhD student, for her fellowship with the Mellon Research Initiative on Racial Capitalism at UC Davis for Spring 2021!
April 10, 2021
This fellowship stipend is awarded to students whose work engages with aspects of racial capitalism and questions uneven formations of capital, gendered labor, and racialized geographies. The Mellon Research Initiative on Racial Capitalism will help Debbie develop her research about the Department of Health and Human Services’ 1985 Task Force on Black and Minority Health, which detailed information never before systematically compiled regarding health disparities among Black and non-Black people of color in the U.S. Debbie's work employs racial capitalism as methodology to analyze how the Task Force weaponized federal budgets to both dispossess communities of color and obfuscate deep inequalities and dispossession through politics of "inclusion.”


Congratulations, Debbie!