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History Alumni Placement

We're pleased to share news about milestones that alumni of the Department of History have attained.

Alumni Career Placement

Employers throughout the world have hired our graduate students, within academia and in numerous other professional fields.


Casey, Matthew: Clinical Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Online Programs School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, Arizona State University

Cortes, Katharine: Associate Director, The History Project, UC Davis

Dries, Mark: Assistant Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University

Judge, Rajbir Singh: Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Lin, Zoe Shan: Assistant Professor, Ithaca College



Chervinsky, Lindsay: Instructor, The George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs

Gallman, Nancy: Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark

Johnson, Diana: Assistant Professor, CSU San Bernadino

Mikecz, Jeremy: Neukom Fellow, Program in Native American Studies, Darmouth College

Ordaz, Jessica: Assistant Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

San Martin, William: Assistant Teaching Professor, Global History, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)



Alyagon, Elad: Postdoctoral Fellow, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Amin, Neel: Assistant Professor, James Madison University

Reeves, Rachel: Participant Engagement and Outreach Coordinator, FUTURE Program, UC Davis

Reeder, Tyson: Assistant Professor (Research), Assistant Editor, James Madison Papers, University of Virginia



Balloffet, Lily: Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz

Fowler, Jessica: Assistant Professor, Western Montana State College

Harris, Steve: Lecturer, San Francisco State University

Hopkins, Bethany: Senior Career Advisor, Internship and Career Center, University of California, Davis

Mendoza, Mary: Assistant Professor of History, Program of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, University of Vermont

Ragas, Jose: Assistant Professor, Instituto de Historia, Universidad Católica de Chile

Richardson, Nicole: Assistant Professor of East Asian History, University of South Carolina, Upstate

Scavo, Jordan: Energy Analyst, California Energy Commission

Scott, Samantha: Integrated Primary and Community Care, Island Health, Victoria, British Columbia

Stenner, David: Assistant Professor, Christopher Newport University



Cannon, Mae: Senior Director of Advocacy and Outreach, World Vision United States

Collins, Michael: Lecturer, University of California, Davis

Hogue, Susan: Part Time Faculty, California State University, Sacramento

Lauhon, Jordan: Lecturer, University of California, Davis

Lee, Jacob: Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Montanez-Sanabria, Elizabeth: FONDECYT Postdoctoral Fellow, Catholic University, Valparaiso, Chile



Castro, Cristian: Assistant Professor, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile

Chaney, Rachel: Home School Instructor, Self-Employed

Hohn, Peter: Adjunct Instructor, Portland Community College

Kerr, Andrew: Instructor of English and Community Development, World Education, Thailand

Petlack, Karin L.: Blogger, Self-Employed

Powell, Miles: Assistant Professor of Environmental History, Nanyang Technological University, Signapore

Wigmore, Gregory: Sproul Research Fellow; Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley; Santa Clara University

Winfield, Lia: Research and Exhibit Development, Hill Aerospace Museum, Utah



Anderson, Chad: Visiting Assistant Professor, Hartwick College

Benes, Jakub: Lecturer, School of Slavonic & East European Studies, University College London

Brueck, Greg: Lecturer, California State University, East Bay

Carpenter, Nate: Visiting Assistant Professor, Lafayette College

Hewitt, Jessie: Assistant Professor, Marymount University

Ly, Aliou: Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University

Reinhardt, Bob: Assistant Professor, Boise State University

Ritacca, Elisabeth: Assistant Professor Citrus College

Tague, Joanna: Assistant Professor, Denison University

Wu, Yulian: Assistant Professor, Michigan State University



Brooks, Shelley: Academic Coordinator, California Social-Science History Project, University of California, Davis

Cote, Stephen: Visiting Assistant Professor, Western Washington University

Covart, Elizabeth: Independent Researcher, Self-Employed

Denning, Andrew: Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

Hickman, David: Adjunct Faculty, Yuba College

Jallow, Baba: Assistant Professor, La Salle University

Kelly, Chau: Associate Professor, University of North Florida, Jacksonville

Mehl, Eva: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Sabol-Spezio, Teresa: Tobis Fellow, University of California, Irvine



Basile McDaniel: Marie, Assistant Professor, Southern Connecticut State University

Clune, Lori: Professor, California State University, Fresno

Filippello, Marcus: Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

McGowan, James: Instructor, Napa Valley College

Orr, Timothy: Adjunct Professor, Sacramento City College

Yan, Wang: Assistant Professor, Huadong Normal University, Shanghai



Agocs, Andreas: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of the Pacific

Chester, Robert: Visiting Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley

Corbally, John: Assistant Professor, Diablo Valley College

Hiatt, Willie: Assistant Professor, Long Island University

Kehew, Julia: Adjunct Professor, Sacramento City College

Lacson, Paul: Assistant Professor, Grinnell College

Paul, Eric: Organizer, Professional Staff Congress - City University of New York

Reid, Joshua: Associate Professor, University of Washington

Schraeder, Lia: Assistant Professor of History, George Gwinnett College

Sundermann, Elizabeth: Lecturer, University of Washington, Tacoma



Fischer, Ryan: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Hagood, Jonathan: Associate Professor, Hope College

Moore, Louis: Associate Professor, Grand Valley State University

Newman, Brooke: Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Slutsky, Beth: Academic Coordinator Social-Science History Project, University of California, Davis

Stevens, Jennifer: Principal and President of Stevens Historical Research Associates

Whittaker, Jacob: Adjunct Faculty, Sacramento City College



Bulthuis, Kyle: Assistant Professor, Utah State University

Behnken, Brian: Associate Professor, Iowa State University

Chopra, Ruma: Associate Professor, San Jose State University

Cooper, Robert: Assistant Professor, Corning Community College

Fountain, Steve: Clinical Assistant Professor, Washington State University, Vancouver

Jorae, Wendy: Lecturer, San Jose State University

Li, Guotong: Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Osborn, Matthew: Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Rouse, Wendy: Lecturer, San Jose State University

Sherry, Dana: Lecturer, St. Mary's College

Smithers, Gregory: Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Turning, Patricia: Assistant Professor, Albright College

Weis, Robbie: Assistant Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Whipple, Pablo: Assistant Professor, Catholic University, Santiago, Chile



Fitzgerald, Monica: Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College

Gallo, Marcus: Assistant Professor, John Carroll University, Ohio

Garone, Philip: Associate Professor, California State University, Stanislaus

Gormley, Melissa: Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

Hieta, Eric: Independent Researcher and Editor, Self-Employed

Hutton, Shennan: Lecturer, University of California, Davis

Miller, Kenneth: Associate Professor, Washington College

Miltenberger, Scott: Senior Historian, JRP Historical Consulting

Robles, Claudio: Associate Professor, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile



Carey, Mark: Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Clark Honors College, University of Oregon

Dym, Warren: Adjunct Junior Fellow, American Security Project

Rodriguez, Chris: Faculty Member, Shasta College



Barber, David: Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Martin

Bueno, Christina: Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University

Chamberland, Celeste: Associate Professor, Roosevelt University

Clouse, Michele: Associate Professor, Ohio University

Farrell, John: Lecturer, California State University, Fresno

Meloy, Michael: Historian, Asilomar State Beach, California Department of Parks and Recreation

Newman, Jason: Professor, Cosumnes River College

Purcell, Fernando: Associate Professor, Catholic University in Santiago

Tanghetti, Rosamaria: Professor and Department Chair, Sacramento City College



Fields, Sherry: Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento

Gabriel, Elun: Associate Professor and Department Chair, St. Lawrence University

Habal, Estella: Emeritus Faculty, San Jose State University

Pingree, Mark: George A. Miller Scholars Coordinator, Office of the President, University of California

Reissburg, Ron: Assistant Professor, Rabbinic Literature University of Judaism

Rushforth, Brett: Associate Professor, College of William and Mary



Don, Patricia: Associate Professor, San Jose State University

Ford, Bridget: Associate Professor, California State University, East Bay

Koehler, Ellen: Director of Music and Liturgy, Epiclesis Church



Del Testa, David: Associate Professor, Bucknell University

DuVal, Kathleen: Professor, University of North Carolina

Lu, Weijing: Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego

Marshall, Nicholas: Associate Professor and Department Chair, Marist College, New York

Quinn, Erika: Assistant Professor, Eureka College

Strickland, John: Rector, St. Katherine Orthodox Church, Washington

Sturman, Rachel: Associate Professor, Bowdoin College



Allen Pang, Heather: Instructor, Castilleja School, Palo Alto

Alvah, Donna: Associate Professor and Margaret Vilas Chair of US History, St. Lawrence University

Barkey, Cheryl: Professor, Cabrillo College

Lemoine, Florence: Adjunct Professor, Sacramento City College

Reed, Loretta: Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento

Skuban, William: Professor and Department Chair, California State University, Fresno



Barrera, Antonio: Associate Professor, Colgate University

Graybill, Stuart: Professor, Sacramento City College

Logan, John: Associate Professor and Chair, Labor and Employment Studies, San Francisco State University

McMahon, Daniel: Professor, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Patterson, Amy: Public Health Analyst, Indian Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Rockman, Seth: Associate Professor, Brown University

Sjovold, Carl: Professor and Interim Division Dean, Behavioral and Social Science Division, Sacramento City College

Trivedi, Lisa: Associate Professor, Hamilton College



Foote, David: Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas

Kline, Wendy: Dema G. Seelye Professor, Purdue University

Hendricks, David: Professor, Evergreen Valley College

Richards, Marc: Deceased, Western Washington University



Cocks, Catherine: Acquisitions Editor, University of Iowa Press

Mandell, Nikki: Professor, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Payne, Lynda: Sirridge Missouri Endowed Professor in Medical Humanities and Bioethics, School of Medicine, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Rose, James: Adjunct Faculty, Sacramento City College

Segal, Louis: Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco

Selwyn, Jennifer: Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento

Vaught, David: Professor and Department Head, Texas A&M University

Vogt, Timothy: Instructor, The Dorris Eaton School, Walnut Creek

Wood, Andrew: Stanley Rutland Professor of American History, University of Tulsa



Cheng, Yu-Yin: Associate Professor, Marymount Manhattan College

Hamm, Theodore: Associate Professor and Chair, Journalism and New Media Studies, St. Joseph's College, New York

Jacobs, Margaret: Chancellor's Professor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Janacek, Bruce: Associate Professor, North Central College, Illinois

Kolnick, Jeffrey: Professor and Department Chair, Southwest Minnesota State University

To, Wing-Kai: Professor, Coordinator of Asian Studies, Bridgewater State University



Alvah, Donna: Associate Professor, St. Lawrence University

Brooks, James: Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Cairns, Kathleen: Lecturer, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Wang, Zheng: Associate Professor, University of Michigan



Bulthuis, Kyle, Assistant Professor, Utah State University

Ip, Hung-Yok: Associate Professor, Oregon State University

Olmsted, Kathy, Professor, University of California, Davis

Padgett, Chris: Professor, American River College



Lai, Chi-Kong: Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland

Leonard, Kevin: Chair and Professor, Western Washington University

Nystrom, David: President and Senior Vice President, Biola University