Career Development Resources

Need help navigating your way through grad school and planning your future after you've completed your PhD? Dive into our career development resources for internships, skills-building sessions, workshops, and lectures geared to guide you through the program and prepare you to utilize your PhD in any career you choose. Remember to check back frequently for updated news and opportunities. We also encourage you to explore the AHA's vast resources on their site:


This calendar contains both department-sponsored and campus-wide events to facilitate your academic and professional development throughout your graduate education. Campus-wide resources include the Internship and Career Center, GradPathways Institute for Professional Development, Davis Humanities Institute, and more. Check back for updates!

Internship Opportunities

The History Department is collaborating with the History Project and the California History-Social Science Project to offer graduate students two internships during the academic year. One will be take place during Winter Quarter, 2019, and the other during Summer 2019. History Project and California History-Social Science Project he California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP) are history education and policy organizations located within the History Department at UC Davis. The CHSSP and UCDHP are a network of scholars and teachers dedicated to improving student learning and literacy in history-social science. The CHSSP is part of the California Subject Matter Projects, administered by UC Office of the President. They provide professional learning opportunities to history-social science teachers in California. As part of their aims, they bring the most up-to-date scholarship to teachers. This year, UCDHP and CHSSP are looking to hire a paid intern to support their work. The intern can select a project to focus their attention on that fits with either their current graduate studies, or a passion they hold. All interns regardless of their project will shadow UCDHP and CHSSP historians and teachers to learn what they do and network with a wide variety of educators across the state. Below are the possible internships available with UCDHP and CHSSP. We also welcome suggestions for research project that feature new and important content or teaching techniques for the K-12 history-social science classroom. On occasion, interns may be asked to complete small research tasks beyond the focus of their internship. Please direct all applications for Winter Quarter to History Project Director Stacey Greer at, by November 30, 2018. Descriptions of the available internships and specific application instructions are detailed in the file below.