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Advising Sequence

Upon admission into the program, you should meet with the graduate program chair to determine temporary assignment to a major professor.

The graduate program chair will attempt to match you with the faculty member whose interest and expertise best converges with your goals and objectives. By the end of the first year, you should reach agreement with a professor from your major field to act as your major professor. The graduate program is administered by the Graduate Program Committee.

Beginning with the second year, you will consult with your major professor to register for courses each quarter. Your major professor will:

1. supervise the research and writing of a major research paper (HIS 203) during your second year;

2. serve as your principal adviser for your dissertation; and

3. serve on, but not chair, your Qualifying Examination Committee

Both your major professor and graduate program chair must approve all requests to waive rules and for each of your certifications. The interests of students often evolve to the degree that a change of advisers is indicated. You may choose a new major professor at any time, with the consent of your new major professor.


The major professor will help you develop a plan of study and will supervise your research and progress toward satisfying degree requirements. The major professor also serves as chair of the student's dissertation and final oral examination committee.

You also can obtain guidance on administrative procedures from the program's graduate coordinator.

Documentation with more detailed information

History Graduate Program Bylaws

History Graduate Program Mentoring Guidelines