HIS 3: History of World Cities

Lecture—3 hours; lecture/discussion—1 hour. Survey of urban world cultures, focusing on up to ten cities selected by the instructor. GE credit: ArtHum or SocSci, Div, Wrt | AH or SS, WC, WE.


Loren Michael Mortimer 







Spring 2019


This digital history course welcomes beginners and non-majors. We will survey 10 major cities in world history, spanning the origins of urban settlements 9,500 years ago to sustainable megacities of the future. Each week, we will focus on one city and different aspects of urban life, from temple complexes to sprawling slums. We will learn to decode manuscripts, build dynamic interactive maps, generate stunning infographics, and gain valuable historical research and communication skills. Instead of traditional midterm and final exams, each student will apply these skills by researching a city of their choice for a final digital portfolio project.