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Women's and Gender History

The Women's and gender History (WGH) program is a research group that hosts meetings, guest speakers, and other events.

Department of History faculty members established the Cross-Cultural Women's History program in the early 1990s as a means to foster intellectual exchange on the history of women and gender around the globe. Beginning in 1992, Cross-Cultural Women's History was offered as a minor field for the Ph.D. in history.

The minor was renamed Cross-Cultural Women's and gender History in 2004 to acknowledge the increasing importance of gender studies in understanding women's history. The minor is designated Cross-Cultural Women's and gender History (CCWgH).

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In addition to its curricular base as an academic minor within the doctoral program, the Cross-Cultural Women's and gender History Program (CCWgH) sponsors:

  • an annual graduate seminar (201Q), open to graduate students in all fields
  • the annual Nathalie Esteban Collin Memorial lecture, coordinated with the 201Q seminar
  • recurring "brown-bag" research colloquia at which faculty members, graduate students, and guests present their work in an informal, collegial environment

In October 2015 the CCWgH recently commemorated its 25th anniversary with a celebration that Michael Mortimer, a doctoral student in the UC Davis Department of History, summarized in an article.

CCWgH gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Department of History and the past support of the Consortium on Women in Research (CWR) and the Davis Humanities Institute (DHI).