Third-year experience

At this time, you will be focusing on the overall design of your degree. This means you will concentrate on courses that are of specific interest to you.

Course recommendations can be based on your field interests, double majors, technical backgrounds, or even in preparation for graduate or doctoral studies. If you are looking into graduate school or doctoral studies, consider history major Plan II, in which students take three upper division history seminar courses that require more writing than Plan I, in which students enroll in only one upper division seminar.

This is an advantageous time to investigate research opportunities as well. You may work with a Department of History faculty member in the History 103 "Topics in Historical Research" course. Download, fill out and submit the request form to initiate the process. This course enables you to gain one-on-one research experience within the field of history, and it can be applied toward your overall unit total.

You may wish to consider applying for the History Honors Program, which gives student an opportunity to conduct original research and writing on a topic of their own choosing. This program offers excellent preparation for the rigors of graduate study.

At this point, you also can look into internships and studying abroad.

Minor in other subjects

Students who are interested in completing a minor in another program are encouraged to begin coursework for that during their third year.