Potential students

First-year and incoming transfer students can tailor their lower division and upper division history coursework to their interests and preferences.

The history degree at UC Davis is very flexible. Students may take lower division courses within fields in Africa/Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, United States, and World. Students also may take upper division coursework in Europe, United States, Asia/Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Many students benefit from taking a slightly reduced course load of about 12 units during their first quarter at UC Davis, while adjusting to a new campus, the quarter system and making other adaptations. Students need to average 15 units per quarter in order to complete all requirements within four years, but can easily make up the first quarter deficit later. In planning course loads after the first quarter, students also should consider outside responsibilities and commitments.

For first-year students

The Department of History advises students to begin exploring their interests and preferences by starting to take their lower division history coursework, foreign language and English requirement as soon as possible.

The history major consists of lower division preparatory work: The lower division history coursework is split into six fields: Africa/Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, United States, and World. At least two courses must be taken from one field, 1 from a second field, 1 from a third field and the fifth course may be taken in any field.

If you received a score of 3 or higher on the following AP Exams you will receive credit toward the lower division courses shown.

  • AP United States = 17A and 17B
  • AP Europe = 4B and 4C.

For transfer students:

It is possible for transfer students entering UC Davis with 84 to 105 quarter units to complete the history major within two years, if all required lower division courses have been completed. (Multiply semester units by 1.5 to convert them to quarter units.)

Any required lower division work that you did not complete at your transfer college should be started the first quarter you are enrolled at UC Davis. If you are unsure which courses articulate toward lower division requirements at UC Davis, check the ASSIST student-transfer information website or come to the Department of History's Undergraduate Advising Center for help.


You may download these sample plans for transfer students:

Sample two-year transfer plan No. 1

Sample two-year transfer plan No. 2