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Leanna Friedrich


  • M.A. – Education, University of California, Davis 2015
  • A.B. – English with minors in Education and Music, University of California, Davis 2013


Leanna serves as an undergraduate academic advisor supporting majors in Economics, History, and East Asian Studies.

Advising Philosophy

As an academic advisor, I am passionate about guiding all students toward academic, socio-emotional, professional, and personal success. In my role, I hope to empower students to take responsibility for their education while supporting them wholeheartedly in the process. Utilizing a holistic approach, I build my academic advising philosophy around the following three practices:

Acknowledge: It is important to recognize that every student has a richly unique story, enhanced and shaped by their individual experiences. In my advising sessions, I strive to get to know students as more than just their major, academic status, or year in school. I ask open-ended questions to better understand their motivations, goals, concerns, and experiences and how I can best support them throughout their individual academic journey.

Listen: I believe in the power of listening. In my advising sessions, I prefer to listen first. It is important to me that students to feel heard and their ideas acknowledged. Listening helps me understand the nuances and factors of each situation so that we can then work together to determine possible solutions.

Connect: Some of the most powerful educational experiences come from the connection between what is learned inside of the classroom and what can only be learned outside of the classroom. I promote internships, study abroad, employment, engagement with student centers, and participation in campus organizations as critical aspects of the UC Davis student experience. As an academic advisor, I aim to foster these meaningful connections and encourage students to build the transferrable skills that will benefit them in their future.


Research Focus

Conference Presentations

  • Friedrich, L. & Coulter, N. (2018).  Critical reflections and innovation solutions: applying the design thinking within academic advising. Workshop presented at NACADA International Conference in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Friedrich, L. & Lemus, M. (2017). Where I am from: an introspective look at asset-based advising through the lens of community cultural wealth. Workshop presented at NACADA Region 9 Conference, Reno, NV.
  • Friedrich, L. (2015). Writing about writing: reflection as a tool for understanding the writing process. Poster presented at the UC Davis School of Education MA Research Symposium, Davis, CA.


UC Davis Staff Assembly Citation of Excellence Award for Teaching - 2018