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Elizabeth Grennan Browning


  • B.A., Philosophy and International Studies, Northwestern University


Elizabeth Grennan Browning is a Ph.D. candidate in U.S. History, with a focus on urban environmental history, cultural history, and the history of American capitalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Her dissertation, “Nature’s Laboratory: Chicago and the Rise of a New Aesthetics of Labor, 1880-1930,” analyzes how Chicago reformers and the working classes understood the shifting nexus between human society and the natural environment during the modern industrial era. By highlighting the historical perspectives of Chicago’s working classes and poor, this research will provide a deeper history of environmental justice as a cause and movement.

Elizabeth served as the Graduate Student Researcher for the inaugural year of the UC Davis Mellon Research Initiative “Environments and Societies: History, Literature, and Justice” (http://environmentsandsocieties.ucdavis.edu/).