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See Where life takes them

There's no limit to the careers you can have by studying history. Here's a look at where some of our graduate students are now.

Agocs,  Andreas 2009-  09-11 Visiting Assistant  Professor University of the Pacific
Allen, Heather 2000-06-01 Instructor Castilleja School in Palo Alto
Alvah, Donna 2000-06-01 Associate Professor Margaret Vilas Chair in U.S. History at St. Lawrence Univ.
Anderson, Chad 2012-12-14 Instructor UC Davis
Barber, David 2004-06-01 Assistant Professor Univ. of Tennessee at Martin
Barkey, Cheryl 2000-06-01 Associate Professor Cabrillo College
Barrera, Antonio 1999-06-01 Associate Professor Colgate Univ.
Basile, Marie 2010-08-18 Assistant Professor Southern Connecticut State University
Behnken, Brian 2007-06-01 Assistant Professor Iowa State University

Benes,  Jakub

2012-03-24 Postdoctoral  Research Fellow University of Birmingham, UK
Brooks, James 1995-06-01 President School of Advanced Research
Brooks,  Shelley 2011-  06-09 Academic  Coordinator UC Davis, California Social-Science  History Project
Brueck, Greg 2012-12-14
Bueno, Christina 2004-06-01 Assistant Professor Northeastern Illinois Univ
Cannon, Mae 2014-06-01 Senior Director Advocacy and Outreach World Vision US
Carey, Mark 2005-06-01 Assistant Professor Honors College, University of Oregon
Carpenter,  Nate 2012-  09-08
Castro, Cristian 2013-12-13  Assistant Professor Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Chamberland, Celeste 2004-06-01 Associate Professor Roosevelt Univ.
Chaney, Rachel 2013-06-13
Cheng, Yu-Yin 1996-06-01 Associate Professor Marymount Manhattan
Chester,  Robert 2009-  03-21 Postdoctoral  Researcher UC Berkeley
Chopra, Ruma 2007-06-01 Assistant Professor San Jose State Univ.
Clouse, Michele 2004-06-01 Associate Professor Ohio University
Clune, Lori 2010-  12-10 Assistant  Professor CSU Fresno
Cocks, Catherine 1997-06-01 Editor and Assistant Director School of American Research
Collins, Michael 2014-09-12 Lecturer UC Davis, Sacramento State
Cooper, Robert 2007-06-01 Instructor Corning Community College
Corbally, John 2009-06-01 Assistant Professor Diablo Valley College
Cote,  Stephen 2011-  06-09 Western Washington University
Covart,  Elizabeth 2011-  12-09
Del Testa, David 2001-06-01 Assistant Professor Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, PA
Denning,  Andrew 2011-  09-09  Assistant Professor  University of Kansas
Don, Patricia 2002-06-01 Assistant Professor San Jose State Univ.
DuVal, Kathleen 2001-06-01 Associate Professor Univ. of North Carolina
Dym, Warren 2005-06-01 Visiting Assistant Professor Bucknell University
Farrell, John 2004-06-01 Lecturer CSU Fresno
Fields, Sherry 2003-06-01 Lecturer CSU Sacramento
Filippello,  Marcus 2010-  09-10 Assistant  Professor University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Fischer,  Ryan 2008-  12-12 Visiting Assistant  Professor University of Wisconsin, River Falls
Fitzgerald, Monica 2006-06-01 Assistant Professor St. Mary's College
Foote, David 1998-06-01 Associate Professor University of St. Thomas
Ford, Bridget 2002-06-01 Assistant Professor CSU Easy Bay
Fountain, Steve 2007-06-01 Visiting Assistant Professor Washington State at Vancouver
Gabriel, Elun 2003-06-01 Associate Professor St. Lawrence Univ.
Gallo, Marcus 2006-06-01 Assistant Professor John Carroll University, Ohio
Garone, Phil 2006-06-01 Associate Professor California State University, Stanislaus
Gormley, Melissa 2006-06-01 Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Graybill, Stuart 1999-06-01 Assistant Professor Sacramento City College
Habal, Estella 2003-06-01 Lecturer San Jose State Univ.
Hagood, Jonathan 2008-06-01 Assistant Professor Hope College
Hamm, Theodore 1996-06-01 Associate Professor Metropolitan College of New York
Hendricks, David 1998-06-01 Unknown Unknown
Hewitt,  Jessie 2012-  06-14  Assistant Professor  Marymount University
Hiatt, Willie 2009-06-12 Assistant Professor Long Island University
Hieta, Eric 2006-06-01 Lecturer
Hickman,  David 2011-  12-09
Hutton, Shennan 2006-06-01 Instructor University of the Pacific
Ip, Hung-yok 1993-06-01 Associate Professor Oregon State Univ.
Jacobs, Margaret 1996-06-01 Associate Professor New Mexico State, Las Cruces
 Jallow, Baba 2011-  09-09 Assistant  Professor Creighton University
Janacek, Bruce 1996-06-01 Assistant Professor North Central College, Illinois
 Kelly, Chau 2011-  03-19 Assistant  Professor University of North Florida,  Jacksonville
Kline, Wendy 1998-06-01 Associate Professor Univ. of Cincinnati
Koehler, Ellen 2002-06-01 Lecturer UC Davis
Kolnick, Jeffrey 1996-06-01 Associate Professor Southwest MN State
Lai, Chi-Kong 1992-06-01 Senior Lecturer School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics, University of Queensland
Lauhon, Jordan 2014-06-01 Part Time Faculty Napa Valley College
Lee, Jacob 2014-09-12 Postdoctoral Fellow, Visiting Assistant Professor Indiana University
Lemoine, Florence 2000-06-01 Instructor Sacramento City College
Li, Guotong 2007-06-01 Assistant Professor CSU Long Beach
Logan, John 1999-06-01 Lecturer London School of Economics
Lu, Weijing 2001-06-01 Assistant Professor UC San Diego
Ly, Aliou 2012-06-14 Assistant Professor Middle Tennessee State University
Mandell, Nikki 1997-06-01 Associate Professor Univ. of Wisconsin, Whitewater
Marshall, Nicholas 2001-06-01 Associate Professor Marist Coll, Poughkeepsie, NY
McGowan,  James 2010-  12-10 Instructor Napa Valley College
McMahon, Daniel 1999-06-01 Professor Fu Jen University
Mehl, Eva 2011-  09-09 Assistant  Professor UNC-Wilmington
Meloy, Michael 2004-06-01 Historian II California State Parks, Asilomar State Beach
Miller, Kenneth 2006-06-01 Assistant Professor Washington College (Chestertown, MD).
Miltenberger, Scott 2006-06-01 Senior Historian JRP Historical Consulting
Moore, Louis 2008-06-01 Assistant Professor Grand Valley State University
Montanez- Sanabria, Elizabeth 2014-06-01 Postdoctoral Fellow UCLA
Negron, Richard 1995-06-01 Assistant Professor Central WA Univ.
Newman, Brooke 2009-05-12 Assistant Professor Virginia Commonwealth University
Newman, Jason 2004-06-01 Assistant Professor Consumnes River College
Nystrom, David 1992-09-02 Provost and Senior Vice President Biola University

Orr, Timothy

2010-  09-10 Lecturer Sacramento City College
Osborn, Matthew 2008-06-01 Visiting Assistant Professor Occidental College
Padgett, Chris 1993-06-01 Professor American River College
Patterson, Amy 1999-06-01 Indian Health Federal Government
Paul, Eric 2009-06-10 Assistant Professor Drury University, Springfield, MO
Payne, Lynda S. 1997-06-01 Associate Professor Univ. of Missouri, Kansas City
Petlack, Karin 2013-06-13
Pingree, Mark 2003-06-01 George A. Miller Scholars Coordinator Office of the President, University of California
Powell, Miles 2013-03-23 Assistant  Professor of  Environmental  History Nanyang Technological University, Signapore
Puerto, Alexandra 2005-06-01 Associate Professor Occidental College
Purcell, Fernando 2004-12-01 Associate Professor Catholic University in Santiago
Quinn, Erika 2001-06-01 Assistant Professor Eureka College, Illinois
Reed, Loretta 2000-06-01 Instructor CSU Sacramento
Reid, Joshua 2009-09-11 Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts, at Boston
Reissberg, Ron 2003-06-01 Assistant Professor Rabbinic Lit. Univ. of Judaism
Richards, Marc 1998-06-01 Lecturer Western Washington Univ.
Ritacca,  Elisabeth 2012-  09-14 Visiting Assistant  Professor Walla Walla University
Robles, Claudio 2006-06-01 Associate Professor Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Rockman, Seth 1999-06-01 Assistant Professor Brown Univ.
Rodriguez, Chris 2005-06-01 Assistant Professor Suffolk University, Boston, Mass
Rose, James 1997-06-01 Lecturer Sacramento State University
Rouse,  Wendy 2007-  06-01 Lecturer San Jose State University
Rushforth, Brett 2003-06-01 Assistant Professor College of William & Mary

Sabol Spezio, Teresa

2011-12-01 Visiting Faculty Fellow Colby College
Schraeder, Lia 2009-  03-21 Assistant  Professor Georgia Gwinnett College
Segal, Louis 1997-06-01 Lecturer Stanford University/ UC Berkeley
Selwyn, Jennifer 1997-06-01 Associate Professor Univ. of New Hampshire
Sherry, Dana 2007-06-01 Post-Doctoral Humanities Fellow Stanford Univ.
Sjovold, Carl 1999-06-01 Associate Professor Sacramento City College
Skuban, William 2000-06-01 Associate Professor CSU Fresno
Slutsky, Beth 2008-  06-13 Academic  Coordinator UC Davis, Social Science-History  Project
Smithers, Gregory 2007-06-01 Associate Professor Virginia Commonwealth
Stone, Kristin 2013-06-13
Strickland, John 2001-06-01 Rector St. Katherine Orthodox Church, Kirkland, WA
Sturman, Rachel 2001-06-01 Assistant Professor Bowdoin College
Sundermann, Elizabeth 'Libi' 2009-08-14 Lecturer Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, Tacoma
Tague,  Joanna 2012-  09-14 Assistant  Professor Denison University
Tanghetti, Rosamaria 2004-06-01 Lecturer Sacramento City College
To, Wing-kai 1996-06-01 Associate Professor Bridgewater State, Mass.
Trivedi, Lisa 1999-06-01 Associate Professor Hamilton College
Turning, Patricia 2007-06-01 Assistant Professor Albright College
Vaught, David 1997-06-01 Associate Professor Texas A&M
Vogt, Timothy 1997-06-01 Teaching Part-time Unknown
Wang, Zheng 1995-06-01 Associate Professor Univ. of Michigan
Weis, Robbie 2007-06-01 Assistant Professor Univ. of Northern Colorado

Whipple, Pablo


2007-06-01 Assistant Professor Catholic University, Santiago, Chile.
Wigmore, Gregory 2013-6-13
Winfield, Lia 2013-06-13
Wood, Andrew 1997-06-01 Associate Professor Univ. of Tulsa
Wu, Yulian 2012-06-14 Post-Doctoral Researcher Stanford
Yan, Wang 2010-07-05 Assistant Professor Huadong Normal University, Shanghai
Graduate Student News
Stenner Selected as Sultan Visiting Fellow at UC Berkeley
Balloffet Accepts Postdoctoral Scholar Position
Denning Published in "The Atlantic"
Ordaz Awarded UC Mexus Fellowship
Ragas Wins Postdoctoral Fellowship at Cornell
Ordaz Awarded SHAFR Grant
Gallman Wins Cromwell Fellowship
Alyagon Wins Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation Fellowship
Dries Wins Fulbright-Hays Fellowship
Mikecz Wins National Science Foundation Fellowship
Clement Wins Gilder Lehrman Fellowship
Mendoza to participate in NEH Newberry summer institute
Jarquin Wins Bancroft Library Prize
Stenner Receives McLeod Fellowship
Montañez-Sanabria Receives Ahmanson-Getty Post-Doc Fellowship
Rajbir Judge wins prestigious fellowship
Tyson Reeder receives Scholz prize
David Stenner to receive France-Berkeley fellowship
José Ragas received Provost's Fellowship
Yesika Ordaz receives UCD fellowship
Jessica Fowler receives Soc Sci Dean's Doctoral Fellowship
Rachel Reeves awarded UK Jacobite fellowship
Jeremy Mikecz wins Mellon Internat'l Diss Fellowship
Jacob Lee wins Newberry Library Fellowship
Mary Mendoza wins Ford Foundation Fellowship
Stenner wins Mellon Dissertation Fellowship
Jacob Lee wins Filson Fellowship
Fowler, Lee, and Mendoza win Huntington Library Fellowships
Jessica Ordaz wins Mentorship Fellowship
Mary Mendoza wins SMU Center for Southwest Studies summer grant
Joanna Tague selected for National History Seminar
Petlack publishes in Ohio History Journal
David Stenner wins article award from American Institute for Maghrib Studies
Miles Powell wins article award from Western Historical Quarterly
Lily Balloffet receives Fulbright
2012 Winners of the Emile G. Scholz 203 Seminar Prize
Cristian Castro receives fellowship
Jessica Fowler wins Pacific Rim Research Graduate Fellowship
Logan Clendening wins IICAS Thyssen Foundation Fellowship
Mary Mendoza wins Smithsonian fellowship
Elizabeth Montanez-Sanabria wins Research Grant
Rachel Reeves wins Research Grants
Mark Carey, UCD PhD 2005, wins Elinor Melville Prize for Latin American Environmental History
OGS Travel Award Applications
Reinhardt wins article award
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