HIS 194C: Modern Japan

Survey of the cultural, social, economic, and political aspects of Japanese history in the twentieth century emphasizing labor and social movements, militarism and the Pacific war, and the emergence of Japan as a major economic power.
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Kyu Kim 






Spring Quarter 2017


This course examines history of Japan from Meiji Restoration (1868) to the present day. Throughout the course we shall explore domestic and international experiences of modern Japan, which encompasses deadly political upheavals, revolutionary social changes, magnificent cultural and intellectual achievements, terrible wars ripe with atrocities and sufferings of unimaginable kinds and the economic superpower status of recent years.

Even though no knowledge of Japanese language or history is a prerequisite for taking this course, the prospective students are warned that this course covers a large amount of reading materials and deal with difficult concepts and ideas as well as graphic depictions of cruelty, misery and death, both perpetrated and suffered by the Japanese.