HIS 80: The History of the United States in the Middle East

Lecture/discussion—2 hours. History of the United States in the Middle East from 1900 to the present. Examination of U.S. foreign relations toward the Middle East, their regional ramifications and domestic repercussions. GE credit: ArtHum or SocSci | ACGH, AH or SS, WC, WE.


Oropeza and Tezcan 






Fall 2017


After September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush delivered an address to the American people asking, “Why do they hate us?”  The question -- and his answer -- resonated with a popular “Clash of Civilizations” thesis that argues that conflict between Islam and the West is inevitable for the long-term.  Aiming for a deeper understanding of the stories that fill the headlines, this course interrogates that proposition by looking at the long history of United States involvement in the Middle East, from the Barbary pirates to recent beheadings, from missionaries to missiles, from Cold War concerns to moments of cultural exchange. Two-units.

  • Readings: Khalidi. Resurrecting Empire