HIS 2/STS 2: Introduction to the History of Science and Technology

4 units (3 hrs lecture + discussion section). The class satisfies GE requirements for AH, SS, WC, SL and WE


Professor Daniel Stolzenberg






Spring 2018


How did the modern world come to be defined by the pervasive influence of science and technology? This class explores the history of the investigation of nature and its technological manipulation, focusing on three case studies: (1) Alchemy and Chemistry from Antiquity to the Enlightenment (2) Evolution and Information in the Age of Empire (3) Science, Technology, and the Cold War. Themes include the rise of experimental methods, the relationship of theoretical knowledge to practical applications, and the interaction of scientific knowledge, cultural values, and political projects. Students will learn about the methods historians use to produce knowledge of the past and hone their critical analysis and reasoning skills. Course material is non-technical and accessible to students from all majors. 4 units (3 hrs lecture + discussion section). The class satisfies GE requirements for AH, SS, WC, SL and WE.